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30 days warranty

TI-EDC has a stringent quality control process.  We will fix or replace any TI-EDC products with a manufacturing defect within 30 days of purchase. We also offer a 30 days refund policy as long as you ship it back without damage. Please send an email message to with your question.

How to protect your TI-EDC spinner and troubleshoot & clean

TI-EDC has strict QA process in place to ensure you receive the highest quality product possible. We offer this article to you as a troubleshooting guide and method if your spinner is not performing well. Please be sure to read this article and attempt to correct the issue before reaching out for help.

If you change your grip or spin direction while spinning, it will slow down as a result. You must hold your hand still to achieve the longest spin time, and find a position where you can't feel the bearing "shift".

Your spinner may slow down or stop sooner than expected from the moment it was received or starts to make a grinding noise when it spins. This might be a result of a dirty bearing, or it might be a result of an incorrectly installed or shifted bearing.

Debris can jarred loose during shipment causing the bearing to need cleaning when initially received. Try cleaning first. If cleaning doesn't correct the issue, check to see the bearing is installed correctly or shifted.

Cleaning instructions
1. Remove the buttons/caps by twisting them apart counterclockwise
2. Soak the bearing in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol or Nitro Clean, or any "Zero Residue" electronic contact cleaner
3. While the bearing is still wet spin the spinner with your fingertips
4. Blow out both sides of the bearing with compressed air
5. Never use any lubricant of any kind in your TI-EDC bearing
6. Reassemble the buttons tightly
7. It may be necessary to repeat the cleaning process multiple times to free stubborn debris trapped in the bearing cage.