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TI-EDC Titanium Handmade Waterproof Bullet Design Mini Size Golden Charm Pendant Pill Fob

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This TI-EDC pill fob is beautifully crafted from lightweight, high strength and biocompatible (non-toxic and non-allergenic) Titanium. It has a screw-on cap with a rubber O-ring seal to keep medications airtight and moisture-free. It is well polished and has a beautiful bullet design. It works as a small pill fob as well as a nice charm pendant. Due to its small size, you might need to cut your pill into halves to fit into it. If you need bigger size fob, please check out other models under our TI-EDC brand.

  • Handcrafted from lightweight and high strength Titanium Alloy 6Al4V (Gr5)
  • Titanium: non-toxic, non-allergenic and perfectly compatible with the human body
  • Works as a beautiful necklace charm pendant and small pill fob
  • Length: 34mm, Depth: 23.5mm, Outer diameter: 10mm, Inner diameter: 7mm
  • Net Weight: 5.8g/0.2oz

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