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TI-EDC Handwoven Outdoor Paracord Survival Bracelet - Adjustable to Fit 7 to 8 inch Wrists


General Info:
Suitable for those with 7-8inch wrists
Stylish accessory with instant access to 10-ft. paracord.
Bracelet can be completely disassembled in one minute.
All bracelets are 100% tied and assembled by hand.
Specifications and quality guaranteed by TI-EDC.

Note: Our bracelets have a true rated load of 350 lb (350 spec). Bracelets similar/inferior to these are commonly/incorrectly marketed as "Type III 550 spec". We give you what is described. Our cords may still carry >550lb but 350lb is the guaranteed rated load.

  • 9" Premium branded extra-beefy paracord survival bracelet with stainless steel D shackle
  • Adjustable size ideal for those with 7-8 inch wrists
  • Disassembled length approximately 10 feet, Multiple colors/patterns available
  • Premium quality accessories - hand produced by TI-EDC

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