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TI-EDC 2Pcs Titanium 13mm paracord and lanyard beads - 5.5mm Hole (Blue)


TI-EDC paracord and lanyard beads are made from titanium alloy with lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance and high thermal stability. They are super durable and well polished with high quality. It adds unique taste and style to your backpack, knife or other type of paracord projects. Perfect for any DIY paracord projects or used as necklace pendant.

Package include: 2 x TI-EDC Titanium 13mm Paracord Lanyard Bead.

  Material: Titanium

• Lightweight, high strength, super durable, corrosion and rust resistance, and high thermal stability
• Unique design and perfect for any keychain,knife,backpack or other type of paracord projects.
• Length: 15mm Outer, diameter:13mm, Inner diameter: 5.5mm
• Weight: 4.4g

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