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Handmade Stainless Steel Pocket Keychain Ring Coldplay Tools (Pack of 2)-SR17 (Silver+Black)

$9.99 $15.98

Product details:

keychain ring SR17 (Silver+Black)

Material: Stainless Steel

Function: Every day carry Pocket tool

Size: 31mm * 27mm * 7.5mm ( inside diameter of 20mm)[Weight]: 16g

Practical and Simple design,one by one hand polishing, Let it be more beautiful. suitable for both men and women,to take advantage of quick and easy to take, emergency situations can be quickly worn on fingers !

Product description:

This keychain ring is our newest design. It is handcrafted with high strength stainless steel and craftsmanship quality. Perfect tool for yourself, your wife and family members.

Package include: 2 * Handmade pocket rings SR17 (Silver+Black)

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